Dallo Yearbook 2014 dell’Universal Music Publishing Classical

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Nota di Marilena Laterza pubblicata nello Yearbook 2014 della Universal Music Publishing Classical

Born, both actually and musically, before the digital age, Emanuele Casale experiences digital technology as a resource that is never taken for granted and that influences in equal measure both his “esoteric” music, with electronics, and his “exoteric” music, principally for solo acoustic instruments. In the former, characterized by a certain compositional complexity, the electronics act as a sort of receptacle of time in which to collocate the acoustic instrumental sounds, conferring on them a greater temporal precision. But even when, in his “exoteric” pieces, Casale operates from the point of view of a listener who knows very little about the contemporary, the digital, albeit in a different way, returns. In fact, the possibility of making use of an immediately accessible and repeated quantity of musical information, passing with extreme rapidity from John Lennon to Debussy, translates, in the course of his writing, into a greater freedom of expression. Released from the prohibition against transgressing certain clichés, reference to traditional music in Casale’s works remains nonetheless an affinity of a non-citationist nature, something “personal” and involuntary, as in the case of his affinity with certain Italian instrumental music of the early 18th century that is recognizable in his more ironic pieces. [Marilena Laterza]